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New module to compare journalistic Codes

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A new module for comparing European journalistic Codes is now available. Concretely, it allows searches from a specific Code to check whether other Codes contain similar articles or principles and how they are formulated. hosts an overview of 55 ethical Codes of press councils and some other organisations such as journalists' associations. Four modules were already developed for searching the 55 Codes of Ethics.

A fifth module has been added, which allows anyone to start from the Code they know best. For example, click on the article about truthfulness, use of Internet links or privacy in the Code of your choice and you will get an overview of all other Codes with a similar article, highlighted in the text.

The new module offers numerous possibilities for journalists, editors, academics, media managers and all citizens interested in journalistic ethics.

The five modules were developed by the Dutch-speaking press council in Belgium, the Raad voor de Journalistiek.

Module 1: Mapping the core principles

Module 2: Searching the core principles

Module 3: Exploring the core principles by country

Module 4: List of the 55 ethical codes

Module 5: Full-text search in the ethical codes

"Media Councils in the Digital Age" is funded by the European Commission (DG CONNECT) and led by a European consortium, which brings together several European press councils (Austria (OP), Germany (TDP), Belgium (RVDJ and CDJ), Finland (JSN), as well as two universities (ULB in Belgium and Ramon Llull-Blanquerna in Spain) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ).