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The digital revolution is largely impacting the way journalists and media are producing and sharing news content. In this changing media landscape, self-regulatory bodies, which were created before the digital revolution for most of them, have adapted to the situation in different ways. This project builds on the results obtained during the first and second edition of the pilot project Media Councils in the Digital Age and further develops the position of press and media councils in responding to the challenges of the digital age.

The project highlights the important role that press and media councils play in times of decreasing trust towards journalists and media outlets combined with increasing disinformation on online platforms. It looks at the different challenges through various components, one of which is a powerful database and this website enriched with visualisation tools and an interactive map. All of the project developments and results can be viewed in this website. Finally, the project also encourages councils to reach out to independent regulators to identify areas of cooperation and mutual understanding.

Overall objectives

The overall objective of this project is to ensure that press and media councils play a significant role in Europe in addressing the new challenges of the digital age. This presumes a recognition of their expertise in supervising journalistic professional standards and in providing a media accountability mechanisms offline and online.

The project aims to boost and increase the visibility of media self-regulation bodies in Europe, candidate countries and beyond to. By giving voice to European press and media councils and giving visibility and promoting the idea of self-regulation among journalists, civil society organisations, political level (governmental and intergovernmental) and the public, ensuring they play a significant role in addressing the new challenges of the digital age in Europe.

Specific Objectives

  1. Informing the international community on the role of press and media councils in Europe, in the digital age, for example through the creation of an online platform to share best practices;
  2. Improving the recognition of press and media councils' role and media self-regulation in general. This is in particular to the importance of ensuring compliance with journalistic ethics in all media and ensuring trust in professional journalism at the time of disinformation;
  3. Providing access and direct contact to European press and media councils for requests of support from external actors who wish to learn from the councils. Supporting the creation of new media councils, with the possibility to provide direct financial support where needed;
  4. Contributing to the global dialogue on ethical and professional journalistic standards in the digital age (including matters related to social media, artificial intelligence and news automation in journalism).