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Allmänhetens Medieombudsman (MO) and Mediernas Etiknämnd (MEN)

About the Media Ombudsman

The Media Ombudsman is an independent self-disciplinary body, handling complaints on the editorial content of newspapers, magazines, broadcast media and their websites and social media. The Media Ombudsman is the investigating authority in the process, handles complaints from individuals who feel unfairly treated by the media. The complainant must be personally affected and identified, (e.g. by name, photo or other identifiable information) with offensive or otherwise damaging information about them and their personal affairs. The complaint must be submitted within three months’ time from the publicity.

If the Media Ombudsman finds that a publication is subject to criticism, the case will be submitted to the Media Council for review and decision. If the Media Council decides that the publication should be criticized for breaching the media-ethical rules, the restitution for the complainant is that the media shall publish a statement of the decision in the same channels as the original publication. The media is also obliged to pay a fee to the Media Ombudsman. Companies, government authorities and organizations can also file complaints. The restitution for such institutional complaints is the right to respond or the right of a correction.

  • Year of creation: 1916
  • Website:
  • Total Budget: 1000000 €
  • Staff: 5
  • Total Complaints: 540
  • Treated: 235
  • Code of Ethics' name: Publicitetsregler