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The Press Council is an independent, self-regulatory body that brings together publishers, owners of print, online media and news agencies, and professional journalists . It was established to monitor the respect of the Code of Journalists of Serbia in the print and online media, as well as in news agencies, and to address complaints by individuals and institutions about the content of those media. The competence of the Council is also to mediate between injured individuals, i.e. institutions, and newsrooms, as well as to issue public warnings for violations of ethical standards set out in the Code of Journalists of Serbia. The Press Council is also engaged in training to comply with the Journalist Code and is working to strengthen the role of the media in Serbia.

We strive for responsible and professional journalism, with the mission to protect Serbian citizens from abuse in the print and online media and at the same time raise the quality of journalism in Serbia. We will act in accordance with the Code of Journalists of Serbia and our own conscience, respecting the laws and under the slogan: Fast, free, fair!


Print media, online media, news agencies

  • Year of creation: 2009
  • Website:
  • Total Budget: 115000 €
  • Staff: 2
  • Total Complaints: 84
  • Treated: 65
  • Code of Ethics' name: Kodeks novinara Srbije