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Norsk Presseforbund

Anyone who has been the subject of media coverage in Norway may complain to the council. The name of the council is “The Norwegian Press Complaints Commission” (“Pressens Faglige Utvalg” in Norwegian). The council processes the complaints on the basis of “The Code of Ethics”, which are the journalistic ethical rules in Norway.

The council is run by “The Norwegian Press Association”, which is an umbrella organization for all media organizations in Norway. “The Norwegian Press Association” was established in 1910, and the first version of the Code of Ethics was adopted in 1936. The Norwegian self-regulatory system is independent from the state and fully financed by the press itself.


All media companies and publications who are affiliated with “The Norwegian Press Association” can be processed by the council, and that includes almost all publications and TV / radio channels in Norway. The council covers all types of platforms, including social media.

  • Year of creation: 1910
  • Website:
  • Total Budget: 1000000 €
  • Staff: 6
  • Code of Ethics' name: Ver Varsam-plakaten