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Këshilli i Mediave të Shkruara të Kosovës


The Press Council of Kosovo is a self-regulatory body founded for and by the print media sector in Kosovo. Its mission is based on the convictions of the Press Code of Kosovo. PCK is established in September, 2005 with the help of OSCE Mission in Kosovo, however, the office of PCK has started its activity in December, 2005.

Freedom of speech, the right of citizens to be duly and completely informed and the respect for the Press Code of Kosovo are the foundations on which the Press Council is founded. The aim of Press Council of Kosovo is to protect the citizens from false information and the journalists from baseless complaints.


The Press Council of Kosovo  has 18 regular members from newspaper and news agencies, and three independent members; the chairman and two vice-chairman. Board of PCK is comprised of representatives of newspapers and news agencies, respectively its editors in chief.

  • Year of creation: 2005
  • Website:
  • Total Budget: 62663 €
  • Code of Ethics' name: Kodi i Mediave të Shkruara të Kosovës