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The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics


The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics is an independent, non-commercial association of journalists whose mission is to raise public accountability of the media through the creation of professional and ethical standards and self-regulatory mechanisms.

The organization was founded on December 4, 2009. 137 journalists from different media outlets, both from the region and the capital, signed 11 principles and committed to protecting them. Any person was allowed to apply to the Charter in case of ethical violations in journalistic material.

The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics, within its mission

  • Deals with facts of violation of professional standards by journalists on the basis of statements made in the Charter;
  • Engages in educational and cognitive activities to enhance the professionalism of journalists;
  • Collaborates with local and international organizations;
  • Encourages the promotion of and respect for journalistic ethics;
  • Conducts media monitoring, research and publishing of professional publications;
  • Lobbying for the rights of journalists and the creation of a healthy and free media environment.


The charter is governed by a nine-member board, which appoints the executive director. The Council will consider the complaints against the journalists. A member of the Board is elected for a term of three years by the members of the Charter. The Charter currently has 365 member journalists.


The Charter accepts complaints on the materials published in print media, online, broadcasting and social media [If it is published by an official social page of media]

  • Year of creation: 2009
  • Website:
  • Code of Ethics' name: ქარტიის (Charter)