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Become a member

In order to become a Member of AIPCE, a Press or Media Council has to be recognized by as well as representative for the media in a country which is geographically located in Europe or a Member state of the Council of Europe.

Procedure to Become a Member

In order to register as a Member of the AIPCE, a Press or Media Council should comply with the following procedure:

  1. File a written application to the Coordination Committee. The application should be signed by an authorized representative of the Press or Media Council and has to outline how the Membership criteria (see Membership above) are satisfied. The request has to be written in English.
  2. The Coordination Committee decides on the application within two months. To accept a new Member, the decision must be unanimous.
  3. Where the Coordination Committee accepts a new Member, the existing Members can appeal the decision within one month of the Coordination Committee informing them of the decision. In the event of an appeal, the final decision will be that of the General Assembly.
  4. Where the Coordination Committee declines the application, the affected Press or Media Council has the right to appeal to the General Assembly within one month of the refusal.
  5. If the General Assembly is to decide on an application or appeal, the affected Press or Media Council has the right to be heard by the General Assembly.
  6. The decision of the General Assembly on membership is final.


The Coordination Committee and the General Assembly can accept organizations from the Media sector and/or dealing with Media policies as Observers. The procedure for applications as an Observer is the same as for applications for Membership.

Ending of membership

If a Member or an Observer resigns or is dissolved, its Membership to the AIPCE ends. If a Member or an Observer harms the good standing of the AIPCE or no longer fulfils the criteria for being a Member or an Observer, the General Assembly is able to expel the Member or Observer.

Vienna, 9th of October 2015.