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UCLouvain published research on contemporary issues of press councils

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In January 2023, the Communication Research Centre of the Catholic University of Louvain published an issue of its scientific journal entirely devoted to press councils. Under the direction of Benoît Grevisse and Lavinia Rotili, Belgian, European and Canadian researchers retrace the history of several press councils in Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy and Portugal, and take stock of their evolution and new challenges. The research builds on the work of the “Media councils in the digital age” project.

According to the research, the analysis of the international evolution of press councils today reveals a common concern to respond better to the crisis of public confidence in journalism, as well as the fundamental challenge to journalistic identity posed by the effects of digitisation, in particular social media, artificial intelligence and fake news.

Through twelve contributions, the research addresses the state of self-regulation in European and North-American regions or countries, and their responses to the mutations of the digital age.

Two articles are available in English:

Read the dossier in French “Enjeux contemporains des conseils de presse”