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Swiss Press Council | Schweizer Presserat | Conseil suisse de la presse | Consiglio svizzero della stampa | Cussegl svizzer de la pressa


The Swiss Press Council is a self-regulatory media organization with a (legally non-binding) regulatory framework aiming to maintain high standards of ethics in journalism. Its «Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists» and the guidelines to its interpretation serve members from all medias as a Code of Practice: This sets out both professional standards for journalists and editors and a set of rules under which members of the public can complain - free of charge - if they feel these rules have not been complied with. The Swiss Press Council can also act on its own initiative in order to continually reflect and debate fundamental issues of media ethics and to defend the freedom of the press.


The Swiss Press Council consists of 21 members in 3 chambers who represent the different language regions. Six among the 21 are representatives of the public, the others are media representatives with a journalistic, editorial or publishing background. The Swiss Press Council is financed and organized by a Foundation (Foundation of the Swiss Press Council) consisting of media organisations like journalists' associations, press unions, publishers and other media bodies.


Print, online, broadcasting including radio, social media.

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