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Survey of professional journalists about self-regulation bodies and challenges of digital age

Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, Ramon Llull University, has conducted a survey among European journalists and media/press council members during August- November 2020. More than 450 journalists responded the survey as well as 61 members of the press/media councils of Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Spain and Ireland. The main  objective of the surveys was to better understand how journalists and press/media councils members perceive, within the context of the digital age, ethical challenges, self-regulation and the overall job and performance of press and media councils. Results show similar views among journalists and members of press/media councils regarding the ethical challenges arising from digitalisation.

However, different views are identified in certain aspects that indicate the need to encourage dialogue between the different stakeholders involved, between journalists and the media and between journalists and media councils, on the most controversial issues.

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Media Councils in the Digital Age final report

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