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Press Arbitration Commission

The Press Arbitration Commission (PAC) is a quasi-judicial organization that helps settle disputes over news reports through mediation or arbitration. You can find out more about us at our website.

Introduction of PAC

The Press Arbitration Commission (PAC) was established under the Basic Press Act on March 31, 1981. PAC is an entity that helps to resolve disputes related to press coverage through mediation or arbitration, which often involves correction of news report, reply to news report, and compensation for damage, rather than a lawsuit. Mediation or arbitration is available for newspaper, broadcasting, periodical including any magazine, news communications and On-line newspaper as well as the Internet news services such as web portals and IPTV. In principle, the application will be processed within 14 days after receipt, and no costs will be incurred.

Organization of PAC


PAC consists of 90 or less arbitration commissioners, including one chairperson and two vice chairpersons, who represent and oversee the Commission. The arbitration commissioners include the incumbent chief judges, lawyers, former journalists with more than 10 years of experience in coverage and reporting, and journalism and law professors.

Each arbitral tribunal, composed of five arbitration commissioners, provides a reasonable and efficient settlement to resolve disputes between the aggrieved party and the press organization.

There are 8 arbitral tribunals in Seoul and 10 in metropolitan cities and provinces.


The secretariat is in charge of supporting the Commission's operations. The secretariat offers assistance for the arbitral tribunals that conduct mediation and arbitration. Its main operations also include counseling the aggrieved party, advising on the appropriate methods of redemption, and researching and publishing for the press arbitration system.

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