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National Council for Journalistic Ethics, Bulgaria

The National Council for Journalistic Ethics (NSW) Foundation was established in 2005 as a non-profit legal entity for performing activities in the public interest.

The purpose of the Foundation is to establish and maintain a self-regulatory system for print and electronic media in Bulgaria on the basis of the Bulgarian Media Code of Ethics, adopted in 2005.

The Foundation's co-founders are the Association of Bulgarian Broadcasters - ABRO, the Union of Publishers in Bulgaria, the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, the Bulgarian Media Coalition and the Center for Media Development.

More broadly, the Foundation aims, by promoting uniform professional standards, promoting media self-regulation and the right of individuals to complain, to help increase the information culture of the audience and create the need to seek accurate, verified and balanced information. We believe this increases the media's credibility and responsibility.

In order to ensure an accessible, clear, fast and free of charge procedure for filing and processing complaints by citizens and organizations against print and electronic media, the NSW maintains a secretariat and a working body - the Ethics Committee, which reviews and adjudicates complaints.

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