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Luxembourg Press Council | Conseil de Presse Luxembourg


The Luxembourg Press Council, composed of an equal number of representatives of publishers and journalists, is the supreme self-regulatory body of the Luxembourg news media. It is the author and guardian of the code of ethics defining the rights and duties of professional journalists and publishers in Luxembourg.

The functions of the Press Council are manifold, including: issuing official press cards to professional journalists, receiving and examining complaints from individuals relative to information disseminated in the media, examining all questions relating to freedom of expression in the media, organising training courses for future and established journalists, as well as organising media education, including the « Young Journalist Contest ».

The Luxembourg Press Council is a legal entity under public law, created by the law of 20 December 1979 and governed today by the law of 8 June 2004 on freedom of expression in the media, as amended on 11 April 2010.

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