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Invitation: Webinar on current and future ethical standards in journalism

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The Media Councils in the Digital Age project invites you to attend a webinar on the current state and future challenges for the ethical codes of the European media councils, on 31 March from 12.00 to 13.00 (CET).

Most media and press councils have their own code of ethics, which form the framework upon which the councils' work is built. But are there major differences between these ethical codes, or are the principles more or less the same everywhere? In what ways do the councils seek to adapt their ethical codes and guidelines to the new realities and challenges posed by the digital era? And is there a need to create new deontological standards as journalism adopts new forms, extends over new distribution platforms and engages new content producers and audiences?

These questions formed the basis of a study conducted by the Belgian media council Raad voor de Journalistiek and the Council for Mass Media in Finland (CMM), the results of which will be presented in the webinar:

·     Ethical Codes Database. (Dr. Raymond Harder, lecturer at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam)

·     Digital Challenges to Ethical Standards of Journalism. (Laura Juntunen, complaints analyst at the Council for Mass Media in Finland)

On this occasion, an extensive database compiling 55 codes of ethics from 49 countries will be launched, as well as a research report exploring the principles and ways in which the European media councils amend their ethical codes and guidelines to better meet the challenges of the digital age.

Registration is free and open to all press councils' members, journalists and journalists' organisations. Click here to register.