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German Press Council


The German Press Council is the body responsible for enforcing the voluntary self-regulation of the press in Germany. Through addressing complaints about press behaviour, it monitors compliance with the ethical rules for the daily work of journalists laid down in the German Press Code

Inspired by the British Press Council of 1953, the journalist and publisher associations formed the German Press Council on November 20, 1956. The German PC is a non-profit association, an organ of the major associations of the press under private law.


The Press Council is responsible for preserving the reputation of the German press, while protecting its freedom. Furthermore, the Press Council champions the unimpeded access by journalists to news sources and ensures self-regulation with regard to editorial data protection and financial market reporting. The Press Council is organised as a registered association under German law. This association is comprised of two publishing and two journalist organisations. Three complaints committees elected from the 28- member plenary deal with the complaints handed in by readers and users. The hardest sanction is the public reprimand with an obligation to be printed.

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