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Editor’s Forum Hungary

Association of Chief Editors, the Association of Hungarian Publishers & the Association of Hungarian Content Providers


The Association of Chief Editors, the Association of Hungarian Publishers and the Association of Hungarian Content Providers have worked together to establish and operate a system of media self-regulation in Hungary. In addition to these organizations, the association cooperates with the Hungarian Self-Regulatory Board, whose members include the National Association of Hungarian Journalists, the Association of Hungarian Journalists, the Association of Protestant Journalists, the Association of Hungarian Catholic Journalists, the Press Organization and the Romanian Association of Hungarian Journalists. Our partner is also the Self-Regulatory Advertising Board.

Self-regulation refers to the ethical guidelines formulated by media actors and the enforcement of these principles. Self-regulation is based on a code of ethics widely accepted by the profession.

Professional self-regulation seeks to resolve disputes through co-operation rather than statutory regulation or regulatory action. It is faster, more flexible and cheaper (because it's free!) For the complainant. In the absence of agreement, the unions shall set up a professional arbitration committee, the decisions of which shall be binding on the founding member organizations.


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