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Commission of Ethics and Guarantees of Journalists of Andalusia (Spain)


The Commission of Ethics and Guarantees of the Professional Journalists Corporation of Andalusia (CPPA) was established in 2015 as an independent organization responsible for ensuring compliance with the ethical and deontological codes that govern the profession, especially the codes of the Council of Europe and FAPE, which the CPPA has adopted as its own, in order to guarantee the right to citizenship information. To this end, this commission will attend both the complaints of people who have a direct interest in informative practices that they consider harmful to their rights, as well as that of professionals who see their independence conditioned and their commitment to citizenship to fulfil their function of public service.

Members of the Commission

Commission of Ethics and Guarantees is composed of seven people, chosen from journalists, jurists, representatives of civil society, university professors and other people of recognized prestige in the field of social communication. Candidates are proposed by board of directors the CPPA or by at least 10% of the members with the right to active suffrage. The members of the Commission shall be immovable as a guarantee of their independence.

Who can file a complaint or claim?

Any natural or legal person, collective subject, with or without legal personality, as well as any public or private entity or entity that justifies a legitimate and direct interest in relation to the question raised may request the Commission's action in such matters. This connection is considered to exist when it is a public body in charge of guardianship or awareness of traditionally discriminated groups.

Journalists and / or communication professionals who could see their independence and their commitment to the citizens conditioned to tell them the truth completely and honestly. The Commission will serve as a mediator between professionals and your company or with other professionals to ensure a job based on the deontological principles of journalism.


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