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Austrian Press Council | Österreichischer Presserat


The Austrian Press Council sees itself as a modern self-regulatory institution in the press sector, which serves editorial quality assurance and guarantees freedom of the press.

Journalism has an essential democratic political function, but also means responsibility in dealing with information and its dissemination. The Press Council has therefore created a code of honour for the Austrian press (principles for journalistic work) , which contains rules for good and responsible journalistic action and is an ethical guideline for media professionals. This Code forms the basis for the decisions of the Senates of the Press Council.

An essential task of the Press Council is to highlight and counteract grievances in the press. The Press Council is an association whose sponsors are the most important journalists and publishers associations in Austria.


Responsible for Austrian print media and supplementing media (media supplementing print media, e.g. online sites of print media), as well as news agencies

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