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Anniversary of Yerevan Press Club

Source: Yerevan Press Council

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July 18 is the Birthday of Yerevan Press Club. Our organization which is initiator of media self-regulation in Armenia and facilitator of Media Ethics Observatory, AIPCE member, is becoming 25 years old. We were planning great celebration engaging our friends and partners this or another way. For obvious reasons this gets impossible. Instead, we consider “distance” events and You will be informed about those. At the same time we will greatly appreciate, if You find appropriate to extend Your congratulations (in the individual or “institutional” capacity in the YPC website – Your best wishes would be a great inspiration for our further work, including the fields of our common interest! You are welcome to address Your congratulations in any convenient way. We will post them then ourselves. Apologies if You have received the same or similar letter through some other channel.

Thank you very much in advance and take care,