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Media Councils in the Digital Age - About the Project

Logo - Media Councils in the Digital Age - About the Project

Overall Objective

The overall objective of this project is to ensure that press and media councils play a significant role in Europe in addressing the new challenges of the digital age. This presumes a recognition of their expertise in supervising journalistic professional standards and in providing a media accountability mechanisms offline and online. 

This project aims to support the European model of media self-regulation as a major part of a general strategy to protect media freedom and encourage professionalism in journalistic content, while gaining a better understanding of the consequences and challenges of digital developments for press and media councils. In parallel, the project will support the adaptation of media self-regulatory bodies to the online world and engage them in discussions with relevant international stakeholders to address new digital issues such as disinformation, misinformation and decreasing trust in traditional media. Furthermore, the project shall stimulate the specific role of press councils among journalists and the general public.

Specific Objectives

  1. Inform the international community on the detailed functioning and role of press and media councils in Europe, in the digital age, through surveys and the creation of an online platform to share results and best practices; 
  2. Improve the recognition of press and media councils’ role and media self-regulation benefits in general, in particular in light of the importance to ensure compliance to journalistic ethics in print, broadcast and online media and ensure trust in professional journalism at the time of disinformation;
  3. Provide access and direct contact to European press and media councils for targeted demands of support from external actors wishing to learn from press and media councils, their added-value and their functioning, but also demands of supports for the creation of new media councils, with the possibility to provide direct financial support where needed;
  4. Contribute with relevant expertise to the global dialogue on ethical and professional journalistic standards in the digital age (including matters related to social media, artificial intelligence and news automation in journalism).

Results & Activities

Result 1: Mapping and dissemination of existing knowledge on the role and functioning of press and media councils in the digital era

Result 2: New knowledge about the role and functioning of press and media councils in the digital era

Result 3: Exchange of best practices on media self-regulation

Result 4: Support to press councils in need

Result 5: Raising the voice of press and media councils in an International and European context

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